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Why is Over-the-Top Content Driving Brand Awareness?

Let’s face it, your brand doesn’t exist without your customers; no one is going to buy anything from you if they don’t know you exist and, no matter how awesome your product/service offering, it’s completely irrelevant if no one is using it. That’s why increasing brand awareness is key to any successful marketing strategy—it’s that simple.

A Closer Look at the Rebranding of Coca-Cola Zero

Coca-Cola is stepping up efforts to drive transformation into a “Total Beverage Company” that relies less on its core carbonated soft drinks. Last January, transitioning away from its traditional brand architecture, the 131-year-old global behemoth that sells 500 brands in 200 countries, streamlined its trademark brand portfolio into a cohesive “One Brand” strategy.

Can Coach Transform into a Global Lifestyle Brand?

More and more, lifestyle branding is the Holy Grail for many brands. The strategy of moving beyond product and services to own a larger share of customers’ minds—and wallets— is proving to be an excellent defense against the markets’ volatility and consumers’ changing needs. But staying ahead of our many changing needs is not easy, and the strategies brands are adopting demand increasing amounts of foresight and originality.