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Time for Time Inc. to Rebrand or Reposition, or Both?

Time Inc. could be soon known by another name. The 94-year old iconic New York City-based media giant is looking to rebrand to show its marketing and business partners how it has become a “multi-platform consumer media company.” 

Can Harley-Davidson and Ducati Live Happily Ever After?

Rumor has it that American iconic motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson might be looking to court Italian rival Ducati in the not-so-distant future. The potential $1.67 billion deal would bring together two of the most famous brands in motorcycling.

Amazon’s $14 Billion Bet on Omnichannel Retailing

Amazon is setting a new benchmark in retail and competitors better watch out. The online shopping behemoth is now expanding its offering beyond retail to own every single instance of the customer experience.