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Why B2B Brands Should Jump on the UGC Bandwagon

For years, the world’s biggest B2C brands (e.g. Starbucks, Target, Coca-Cola) have been riding the user-generated content (UGC) wave, while B2B brands have only recently begun to gain traction in creating and distributing UGC. Between 70 and 90 percent of the buyer’s journey is complete before engaging with a vendor, and according to Forrester, a customer engages with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase.

Pursuing a Higher Brand Purpose

Enlightened brands seek a higher purpose and articulate a meaningful perspective that stands for something. A powerful brand purpose communicates how a company plans to change the world for the better. Articulating brand purpose goes beyond crafting inspiring words about functional benefits provided to consumers—it extends to include emotional and social benefits.

Improve Your B2B Brand’s Experience with Customer Journey Mapping

As technology advances, customers become more demanding—the more connected we become, the more impatient consumers get for brand experiences that are more meaningful and impactful than before. Consumers expect brands to know their individual needs and personalize the experience, and immediate resolution is not fast enough; digitally empowered customers expect companies to proactively anticipate their current and future needs, interests, and preferences.