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A Brand Quarterly Article by Mitch Duckler: Strengthen Your B2B Brand by Leveraging the Power of Art

By Mitch Duckler
FullSurge Partner

unnamed-1.jpgIt's not immediately obvious, but a healthy relationship between art and business can be a powerful tool to strengthen a company's brand strategy. Audiences tend to react positively to humanized, relatable brands, and employing art is an impactful way to create a personality and communicate your brand's purpose. 

In this article, published by Brand Quarterly, FullSurge partner Mitch Duckler walks through the power and benefits of leveraging art as a way to strengthen your B2B brands. Corporate art has been historically tied to the B2C realm, but there is a big opportunity for B2B brands to follow suit and use art as a vehicle to better connect with audiences. Choosing the right approach to incorporating art into a B2B brand strategy can make a big difference in the long run...

To read the full article, click here: http://www.brandquarterly.com