FullSurge in the Press

The ‘Spokesbaby’ Strategy

By Mitch Duckler
As featured in AMA blog Elevate

b63f6a41b423b085771981a4283ab62a-american-marketing-association-signals-transformation-with-launch-of-new-brand-identity-ama_lockup1_black-4.jpg   In a world in which consumers are constantly faced with complexity, it should come as no surprise that simplicity sells, so brand managers and agencies are often challenged with how to sell new product categories with which consumers are unfamiliar. For example, new pieces of technology that need to be demonstrated, niche products that are trying to create mass appeal, and even B-to-B services that have several components or layers qualify as complex marketing challenges. So how does a company share complex products and services in a way that is easily understood? It’s up to marketers to demystify the offerings through strategic positioning...

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