FullSurge in the Press

How Storytelling Helps Brands Put Consumers First

By Mitch Duckler
As featured in AMA blog Elevate

b63f6a41b423b085771981a4283ab62a-american-marketing-association-signals-transformation-with-launch-of-new-brand-identity-ama_lockup1_black.jpgBrands, such as Google, Apple, and Nike, are centering brand experiences around the consumer first versus channel first. The traditional brand approach has been about giving the brand different ways to broadcast campaign messages. However, the digital transformation is changing all that. It’s about consistently telling a unique story and engaging with an audience that shares its views as part of the conversation.

The digital age has demolished the contrived, one-direction stream of information that existed during the previous era when there were only a few channels of communication, and social media has risen as an instant and global platform that allows billions to share ideas, deal with natural disasters, and even create the momentum for political revolution...

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