We see design as a vehicle for transformation—as an indication to the marketplace to stop and take notice. We create unique and differentiating visual identities to shape how people emotionally connect with brands, based upon the needs and aspirations of employees, customers, and other stakeholders. We offer logo and brand visual identity systems, tone of voice, and brand identity guidelines to define and help you manage your brand for consistency and breakthrough communication.

Visual Identity


Questions Addressed
  • How do you want to visually stand out from your competition?
  • What branding elements should be used in addition to the logo?
  • Why is visual identity important in today's communications environment?
Typical Challenges
  • The visual identity needs to be extended to include all digital touchpoints
  • The creative team has not been following the style guide and creative consistency has been compromised
  • The visual identity needs to go beyond the logo to ensure all visual elements reflect the brand ethos
Ensuring Success
  • Differentiation: The design is unique, memorable and can break through the clutter
  • Pragmatism: The design can be successfully implemented across the organization
  • Relevance: The design is appropriate for its audiences and distribution channels

What's Next?

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