Case Studies

Case Studies

Following are case studies of work our partners have led, both at FullSurge and elsewhere. Please contact us for more detail regarding any cases of interest.

Brand Strategy

Increasing Influence in Healthcare
Clarifying the brand of a medical association to reinforce transformation

Revitalizing a Brand
Re-establishing an emotional connection with consumers

Marketing Strategy

Defining Massively Complex Customers
Segmenting the healthcare provider landscape to focus a new account-based model

Picture This...
Developing a segmentation framework and targeting strategy for an entertainment company

All in the Family...
Determining a brand linkage strategy for a global professional services firm

Breaking Down Silos... Strengthening Brand Power
How brand architecture of a healthcare equipment company was streamlined

1 + 2 + C =
Developing a value proposition to focus a diversified healthcare services business

Making a master brand work for different audiences
Developing audience-specific value propositions for a complex medical association

No Substitute for Experience...
Creating the ideal customer experience for a tax consulting firm

Engineering Change...
Operationalizing a new go-to-market strategy for a large healthcare supplier

Lifting Global Spirits…
Defining a brand portfolio strategy for a premium spirits company

Weathering the Storm…
Crafting a go-to-market strategy for a manufacturer of insulation products

A Retailer Turns the Channel...
Extending a retail brand into new markets and categories

All Day, Every Day...
Launching a technological breakthrough in the sleepy skin care category

For Good Measure...
Designing diagnostic and prescriptive metrics for a global services firm

From Metrics to Meaning...
Developing a brand metrics system for a global aerospace company