Value Proposition

Driving Growth Through a Unique Value Proposition

A customer value proposition is a promise made by a company to the audiences with whom it wants to build relationships. It can apply to an entire organization or be specific to a particular audience or segment. For the latter, this entails “translating” an over-arching brand value proposition for different stakeholders with different needs, and/or different relationships with the company (e.g. customer, supplier, distributor, employee, etc.). The ultimate goal in developing them is to ensure they are compelling, differentiated, credible, and sustainable over time.

We believe one key to success in this process is to ensure you are emphasizing the more tangible aspects of the brand and experience including offer, process, price, technology, etc. Regardless of these elements, clarifying the value exchange (benefit minus the cost) is critical early on in the process to set the right strategic direction for development. It is also important to identify meaningful proof points—or reasons to believe—which add credibility to the core promise you're making to customers.

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