The Future Ready Brand

The Future-Ready Brand

The Future-Ready Brand is an essential read for today's marketers, offering a deep dive into how the world's most influential Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are steering their brands through the complexities of societal changes and technological advancements.

Mitch Duckler
by Mitch Duckler

founder and managing partner of FullSurge

About The Book:

In The Future-Ready Brand, Mitch Duckler embarks on a journey with over 40 Global 1000 CMOs to uncover the strategies and insights that are setting the course for the future of branding. This book is divided into three critical sections: positioning, personalizing, and promoting brands in an era marked by significant societal shifts and the rapid emergence of new technologies.

Featuring interviews with 40+ CMOs of Global 1000 brands including:

What You Will Learn:


Societal Futurewaves: Understand how brands need to be positioned to align with changing societal values and expectations, focusing on purpose-driven branding, wellness beyond health, and the impact of Gen Z.


Technological Futurewaves: Dive into how brands can leverage AI, XR, and the Metaverse to offer personalized experiences and engage customers in innovative ways.


Commercial Futurewaves: Explore the future of content marketing, the role of tech-inspired gamification, and the evolving landscape of influencers and creators in building trust and promoting brands.

About the Author

Mitch Duckler is the founder and managing partner of FullSurge, a brand and marketing strategy consultancy based in Chicago. With three decades of experience in brand strategy, Duckler has led engagements for top Global 1,000 companies and is a frequent speaker on emerging topics in brand marketing. He is also the author of the best-selling book The Indispensable Brand.

Praise for The Future-Ready Brand

Jill Kramer

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Accenture

“Mitch Duckler shows how marketers are a strong business’s best connection to the heartbeat of the consumer, the customer and the client, and how they use data and intelligence today more than ever before. For the marketers looking to build the business of the future, this book has insights that apply to organizations of all sizes—from the start-up to the enterprise. It’s a must-read.”

Tariq Hassan

Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, McDonald’s

“With The Future-Ready Brand, Duckler offers leaders an essential and heartfelt guide to leading with culture in mind. You may see yourself in these pages.”

Linda Bethea

Head of Marketing, Danone

“A must-read for the modern marketer! Duckler’s insightful interviews with leading CMOs across a variety of industries highlight the common challenges they all face—from the importance of purpose in brand building to the benefits and risks of leveraging AI to accelerate brand capabilities.”

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Chapter 4: AI & The Personalized Brand Experience

Step into the future of personalized marketing with an exclusive free download of Chapter 4 from The Future-Ready Brand: "AI and the Personalized Brand Experience." Mitch Duckler unveils the transformative power of artificial intelligence in crafting brand experiences that are not just personalized, but deeply resonant with consumers. This chapter provides a compelling look at how AI is redefining the boundaries of customer engagement, enabling brands to anticipate needs, tailor communications, and create value at every touchpoint.


After delving into The Future-Ready Brand and applying its forward-thinking strategies, brand and marketing leaders will be poised to navigate the evolving landscape of societal expectations and technological advancements with confidence. Ultimately, The Future-Ready Brand equips businesses with the tools to achieve sustained growth, increased brand loyalty, and a robust market position in an ever-changing world.