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Mitch is founder and managing partner of FullSurge, a brand and marketing strategy consultancy based in Chicago, IL. He has over 30 years of line management and strategy consulting experience in branding and marketing, customer and consumer insights, and innovation. His newest book, The Future-Ready Brand, features interviews with over 40 Global 1,000 CMOs to discover how they are navigating the confluence of shifting societal forces and emerging technologies impacting how every brand will thrive in the future. He is also the author of the bestselling book, The Indispensable Brand, which guides readers on how to build a brand strategy that rises above the noise and monotony—transforming brands from indistinguishable into indispensable.

Before founding FullSurge, Mitch was a senior partner in the New York office of Vivaldi Partners Group and a partner in the Chicago office of Prophet, where he co-led the brand strategy practice area. Over the years, he has successfully led engagements for Fortune 500 companies including ExxonMobil, Deloitte, Boeing, Hyatt Hotels, Best Buy, Carlson Companies, Cox Business, NBC Universal, Wrigley, Manpower Group, The Home Depot,, and LexisNexis. Prior to consulting, he spent 10 years in brand management and consumer and customer marketing for Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company.


Mitch is also a frequent speaker on key topics related to brand and marketing strategy. In 2021, he delivered a TEDx talk—Define Your Differentiator—at the Cal State-Fullerton TEDx event in Orange County, CA. Over the past 20 years, he has spoken at dozens of high-profile events across five continents. He is a faculty member of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Marketing Training & Development Center, where he facilitates workshops for member organizations on key topics related to brand strategy. Mitch also chaired the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Annual National Marketing Conference for four consecutive years. Additionally, he is a frequent interview guest on brand- and marketing-related podcasts, including The Backwards Hat CMO,  On Branding, The MarTech Podcast, Brands On Brands, and Confessions of a Marketer.


In addition to his books, Mitch has written articles on brand and marketing strategy for top industry periodicals, including Branding Magazine, Brand Quarterly, BrandWeek, Marketing News, and Marketing Management.


Mitch earned a B.S. in Business from the University of Minnesota and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan.






The Indispensable Brand

A strategic roadmap for more effective brand differentiation, helping marketers transform their brands from indistinguishable to indispensable.


The Future-Ready Brand

How the World’s Most Influential CMOs are Navigating Societal Forces and Emerging Technologies


As a frequent keynote speaker in the brand and marketing sphere, Mitch consistently captivates audiences at leading industry conferences and events, sharing insights that shape the future of branding and marketing strategies. Book Mitch to Speak at Your Event

Discover Your Brand's Differentiator with Mitch Duckler

Watch Mitch’s TEDx presentation based on his Amazon bestselling book, The Indispensable Brand

Prior Speaking Events
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Speaking Testimonials

Juan Felipe Vega

Director, Learning & Development V2V

A huge round of applause for bringing in Mitch to our B2B LATAM MARKETING CONFERENCE!! Very powerful brand marketing story and also wove in the B2B strategy aspect very eloquently. It was a mesmerizing experience listening to Mitch Duckler describe his passion-turned-career in marketing. Not only did he pull us into the story, but he made us feel the emotions of brands at its best. Both his best practices, examples and presentation about pursuing excellence in brand marketing in a disruptive world, was inspiring and it motivated us to think about the degree to which we pursue our brands.

Sally Caputo

President, Association of Management Consulting Firms

As President of the Association of Management Consulting Firms, I had the pleasure of working with Mitch when I needed an expert on brand strategy. Mitch's ability to link brand and business strategy is critically important to a successful and sustainable brand transformation. I recommend Mitch to others who need a branding expert, or a great public speaker!

Helene Mathern

Director, Institute for the Study of Business Markets

Mitch is an expert when it comes to B2B Brand Architecture and Strategy--the tools, techniques and best practices. He has added significant value participating and presenting at our Brand Consortium meetings. Mitch has developed a course in Principles and Best Practices in Brand Portfolio Strategy and Architecture which is now offered as part of the ISBM B2B curriculum. We are fortunate to have such a great connection!

Speaking Topics

The Future-Ready Brand: How Marketers Can Achieve Competitive Advantage in an Era of Unprecedented Change

The confluence of societal and technological forces presents today’s marketers with a future that is as full of promise and opportunity as it is of fear and uncertainty. A new generation of consumers—motivated by transparency, purpose, and environmental and social causes—has become the dominant cohort in the marketplace. This presentation will explore how this has profound implications for how brands need to be positioned for future success. At the same time, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, extended reality, and Web3, are providing opportunities for marketers to achieve unprecedented levels of offer personalization and immersive customer experiences.

Based on personal interviews with over 40 Fortune 500 CMOs, learn how companies are choosing to proactively seize these opportunities, as opposed to waiting to see how it all "shakes out."

Key take-aways:

  • Understand the implications that purpose-driven Gen Z is having on the effective positioning of brands.
  • Discover how AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics are creating unprecedented levels of brand personalization.
  • Learn how blockchain technology and Web3 are democratizing the web, and fundamentally altering the relationship between marketers and customers.
  • Discover how the collective impact of emerging technologies can transform the role, profile and impact of marketers in the C-suite.
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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: The Approaching Reality of “One-to-One”

In their 1994 book, The One-to-One Future, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers predicted a future where brands would use one-to-one marketing to personalize customer communications and interactions at scale. Although this felt like science fiction at the time, the rapid development and deployment of artificial intelligence in the field of marketing has made it a reality today. 

This presentation will explore emerging technologies that have paved the way for marketers to utilize super-granular predictive analytics, micro-segmentation, generative AI content, and hyper-personalization in customer engagement. When combined, these capabilities provide a previously unimaginable customer experience and deeper and more meaningful relationships with consumers and customers. When it comes to AI, marketers need to realize the future is now.

Key take-aways: 

  • Learn how AI will enable marketers to thrive in the cookie-less future that is rapidly approaching.
  • Discover the ways in which machine learning and predictive analytics can elevate the strategic stature of the marketing function and serve as the primary growth engine in any organization.
  • Explore how generative AI is creating the “fourth evolution of content marketing,” impacting content research, creation, personalization, curation and optimization.
  • Learn how to navigate the potential downsides of AI, such as data integrity, copyright and IP issues, brand fit and authenticity, systemic biases, maintaining the human touch, and future regulations.

The Fourth Evolution of Content Marketing

Emerging technologies—particularly AI—are dramatically shaping a new reality for content marketing. Importantly, gains are being realized in terms of both performance (e.g., content quality) and productivity (e.g., efficiency). Specific benefits include optimizing content for higher-conversion messaging, creating differentiated content at scale, and more effectively connecting organically with customers. Arguably, the most impactful application of technology is in the development and personalization of content. 

This presentation will delve into how generative AI is allowing marketers to do everything from creating briefs and initial drafts of long-form content to personalizing the content for hyper-segmented target audiences. When combined with the ability to better research, curate and optimize content, generative AI is elevating content marketing to heights of impact and effectiveness unthinkable just a few short years ago.

Key take-aways: 

  • Learn how AI is helping marketers conduct valuable content research, including segmenting audiences, brainstorming topics, and selecting keywords.
  • See how generative AI can assist marketers in every phase of content creation, from generating preliminary outlines to producing final, near-market-ready copy.
  • Explore ways that AI can easily and efficiently help personalize content to meet the unique needs of hyper-segmented audiences (e.g., versioning).
  • Understand how to overcome the barriers presented by generative AI, including its inherent limits on creative value, SEO engagement, ethical issues, and governance.

Building The Indispensable Brand

An indispensable brand is one that customers truly cannot live without. Building them should be the goal of every marketer, yet precious few manage to achieve this lofty objective. In this presentation you will be provided with a blueprint for creating and maintaining world-class, indispensable brands. Drawing from market research findings, in-depth interviews with high-profile brand and marketing executives, and numerous case studies, you will see what it takes to make your brand indispensable.

Key take-aways:

  • Learn all critical aspects of brand-building - from strategic positioning to digital activation
  • Discover the four primary ways any brand can differentiate itself from its competitive set
  • Create a compelling customer experience that is consistent with—and inspired by—brand positioning
  • Discover ways to opportunistically, yet responsibly, extend brands into entirely new product categories and market segments


Mitch is recognized as an industry thought leader. He is regularly invited to be a guest on some of the most downloaded and listened-to brand and marketing podcasts.

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How to Move Your Brand from Indistinguishable to  Indispensable featuring Mitch Duckler

Brand Focus, hosted by Antoine Woods, Jr.  

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Thought leadership is key to keeping FullSurge current and cutting-edge. Mitch frequently publishes articles for—and is often quoted in—some of the brand and marketing industry's most prominent publications.

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