You believe your brand is unique. You think it distinctly addresses an unmet need in the marketplace, and you're providing a benefit customers can truly appreciate. But in an age when brands so easily become homogenous, the truth is that customers increasingly can't distinguish between them — making their ultimate purchase decision a matter of low price, not value provided.

In his forthcoming book, The Indispensable Brand: Leadership in an Era of Brand Monotony, FullSurge's managing partner Mitch Duckler provides a new strategic framework for building brands to reach their potential and their ultimate goal: inimitability.

After reading The Indispensable Brand and successfully implementing the strategies and tactics outlined in it, brand and marketing executives will be able to reap the business benefits of more meaningfully differentiated brands, including premium pricing, superior revenue growth, increased market share, greater levels of customer loyalty, and improved profit margins.

Here's just a sampling of what readers will learn about:

  • Why brands are often indistinguishable, including how we got here and where we go next
  • How brand positioning needs to evolve in order to be more relevant and effective in a digital era
  • Why crafting a compelling brand experience requires more than merely optimizing customer touchpoints
  • How to unleash the intrinsic power of brands to help them drive more meaningful, transformational growth
  • Why thinking beyond the latest and greatest in the world of bots and clicks is more crucial than ever
  • Why brand measurement needs to be forward-thinking and prescriptive rather than merely diagnostic