Marketing Metrics

Developing Marketing Metrics & the Marketing Scorecard

According to world-renowned management consultant Peter Drucker, "what isn't measured isn't managed." Consistent with this belief, ongoing measurement and tracking is an essential component of any sound business strategy. A comprehensive and carefully constructed marketing metrics system can contribute to strategic growth by providing an ongoing understanding of how business-building efforts are performing across various dimensions. Importantly, this should encompass both the "means" and the "ends."

Four common categories of a Marketing Scorecard include:

  1. Action—what employees do
  2. Interaction—how customers interact
  3. Perception—how stakeholders view
  4. Performance—business and financial results achieved

We develop comprehensive marketing and brand metrics systems for companies that help ensure business objectives are clearly identified and consistently achieved. When effectively designed and implemented, these systems are not merely diagnostic, but prescriptive as well.











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