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Should Your Brand Strategy Include a Bot, or Not?

More and more, as customers increase their expectations of brands, they will continue to demand faster responses. Gone are the days when brands had the luxury of waiting a day to respond to an email. In reality, the majority of consumers expect responses to their inquiries in under 10 minutes—across all channels.

Brand Engagement: The Evolution of Storytelling’ to ‘Story-living’

Storytelling has always been relevant to brand managers and marketers. Traditional media—print, television, Internet, and outdoor ads—is designed for the different mediums and customized for brand audiences. And, as the world evolved and technology became part of our day-to-day lives, brands have been able to share their stories with more and more people.

10 Fundamentals for Building Strong Brands in the Digital Age

There's no doubt that digital is all the rage for marketing executives and their teams today. It feels like a hot new social media channel will pop up at any moment and tout itself as the next big thing. Undoubtedly, new digital channels have opened up exciting and opportunities for brands to engage with ever more connected consumers. However, spending so much time, effort and energy on digital channel selection and execution runs the risk of neglecting fundamentals of brand strategy.