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How to Break Free From ‘Same Here’ Branding Strategies

One-of-a-kind brands appeal to customers, and brands become one of a kind by differentiating themselves from the competitive clutter. Unfortunately, many companies seem to think the road to differentiation is paved with gimmicky ideas. Take Johnnie Walker, which recently created a feminized spinoff of its nearly 200-year-old logo, christened it “Jane Walker,” and dubbed the move “another symbol of the brand’s commitment to progress.”

Internal Branding Strategies to Build Brand Champions

In our previous post, Empowering Employees to Deliver the Brand Experience, we looked at employees’ valuable role in bridging the trust gap by becoming brand champions for the organization and cultivating relationships with customers and prospects. Because an average employee advocate is two times more trusted than a company CEO.” Implementing the right internal branding strategies helps organizations build brand champions and achieve desirable outcomes, including job satisfaction and employee loyalty.

Empowering Employees to Deliver the Brand Experience

Now that organizations of all sizes and types are leveraging social media to build brand awareness, nurture prospects, promote thought leadership and credibility, it’s harder to build authentic relationships that differentiate your brand.