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Why Brand Transparency Should Be a Top Priority for Your Organization

Consumers today are more informed, empowered, and engaged than ever thanks to new digital business models that have spun the customer-brand relationship on its head. Customers who purchase your brand’s products and services no longer sit back and allow television advertisements to influence their decisions. Instead, they are actively researching your company and choosing to connect with the brands they resonate with.

Would Customers Agree Your Brand Is Special?

The overarching reason why brands such as Nike, Apple, and FedEx attained iconic status is that they intuitively understood how to differentiate their brand in a noisy, cluttered marketplace—they dared to be different.

Rebranding Your Business: When It Might Be Time for a Change

In the evolution of your company, there often comes a time when the brand you once identified with so effortlessly doesn’t quite fit any longer. When your brand no longer feels comfortable or aspirational, it may be time to consider an in-depth evaluation and rebrand.