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How Indispensable Is Your Brand?


Brands represent some of a company’s most valuable assets. The key to leveraging their value is making them indispensable to customers—in other words, creating brands the world cannot live without. This begins by identifying a brand strategy—inextricably linked to business strategy—that informs all subsequent brand investments, marketing tactics, and communications.

However, while some clients have a very clear understanding of their brands’ strengths and shortcomings, some aren’t so certain. Others may believe they have a particular challenge, when in fact the real problem is something different.


This is why FullSurge offers a comprehensive Brand Consultation—an expert and objective assessment of your brand portfolio. On your call, expect your consultant to address the following topics and questions, in addition to identifying specific areas for improvement:

Positioning: Are your brands effectively positioned for competitive advantage? Do they have a compelling, distinct, and credible point of difference?

Architecture: Is your brand portfolio optimized? Do you have the right number of brands and relationship between them? Do they cover the right product/service categories and market segments?

Extendability: Do you have a brand-driven growth strategy? Are you fully leveraging the valuable equity you’ve established in existing brands in order to enter new categories and/or markets?

Experience: Is your customer experience aligned with the essence of your brand positioning? Are critical touchpoints in the customer journey optimized to ensure the brand promise is consistently delivered?

Digital Activation: Is your digital activation not only consistent with—but actually inspired by—your brand’s positioning?

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