What Makes Us Different

With FullSurge, you receive the benefits of a large consulting firm - high caliber thinking and high-quality output - with none of the typical hassles or hardships.

Our Focus:  We focus exclusively on what matters most to you, and on what we do best: strategy. We are a strategic consultancy, not a creative agency.

Our People:  Our partners not only sell engagements, but deliver the work. We are comprised of only highly-tenured, senior-level partners - there are no junior-level consultants.

Our Process:  We design projects to be streamlined and efficient. We include only the activities and deliverables that are most critical to achieving the outcome you desire.

Our Fees:  Our fees remain fixed and we remain flexible. We don't penalize you for speeding up or slowing down. We adapt to your organizational realities, rather than forcing you to adapt to ours.