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5 Benefits of Building and Maintaining A Strong Corporate Brand

Posted by Carolyn Crafts on February 17, 2020

Companies can no longer rely on product/service differentiation strategies as their mainstay for a sustainable competitive advantage. This is due in part to the increasing sophistication of consumers who now take into consideration the social, environmental, and ethical make-up of the goods and services they select both as individuals and as corporations. 

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Topics: B2B Brand Strategy, Corporate Branding

How Two Fitness Brands Nailed Their Value Proposition

Posted by Carolyn Crafts on January 13, 2020

What is a customer value proposition exactly? There are lots of definitions, but our brand consultancy's managing partner, Mitch Duckler, defines value as “…the sum total of the offerings and experiences delivered to customers during their interactions with an organization, product, or brand. If well crafted, it can sharpen the way an organization works by focusing activity to serve customers profitably.”

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Topics: Brand Differentiation, Value Proposition

The Corporate Brand—A Powerful Tool to Convey Purpose

Posted by Carolyn Crafts on December 18, 2019


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Topics: Brand Positioning, Brand Purpose

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