Overview: What Is Brand Positioning?

An indispensable brand is one that represents how the company wants to be perceived in the minds of its customers, prospects, and partners. And one that customers truly can’t live without.

This process begins by developing a meaningfully differentiated brand positioning strategy. Whether launching a new brand or refreshing an existing one, a brand positioning strategy should impact every facet of the business—not just marketing- and advertising-related activities, but also product development, service, support, and customer experience. It represents the heart and soul of the brand, ultimately serving as the guiding North Star for all activation efforts.

The Components of Effective Brand Positioning

So, how do you create a meaningfully differentiated positioning strategy for an indispensable brand? There are four distinct ways—and questions to answer—that can help:

  • What is the primary benefit the brand is intending to deliver?
  • How can a unique process, ingredient or experience be leveraged?
  • Why does the brand exist—what’s its purpose or reason for being?
  • Who is the target audience and what is the brand's personality?

Brand Positioning


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Questions Addressed
  • What is our brand’s unique point of difference?
  • What utility or benefit does our brand offer stakeholders?
  • Why should customers purchase our brand versus competitive alternatives?
Typical Challenges
  • It’s hard to identify meaningful “white space” within the brand’s category
  • The brand has negative perceptions and associations to overcome
  • The brand lacks meaningful proof points that substantiate its stated promise
Ensuring Success
  • Utilizing both “inside-out” (internal) and “outside-in” (customer) perspectives
  • Developing brand positioning that’s aspirational, yet credible
  • Building a brand that engages multiple stakeholders, yet is not watered down

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