Brand Positioning

Developing a Brand Positioning Strategy

An effective brand positioning strategy articulates how a company (and/or its products and services) should be perceived in the minds of its customers, prospects, and other important stakeholders. This pertains to the launching of a new brand as well as an existing brand repositioning. Importantly, brand positioning strategy has implications for every facet of the business. Namely, this strategic framework should guide not only marketing-related activities, such as advertising, promotion, communication, and messaging, but also other functional efforts, such as product development, service and support, and customer experience.

Whether pursuing a rebranding strategy or seeking to position a new product launch, this strategic statement should be developed by combining “outside-in” and “inside-out” perspectives. The outside-in perspective—sometimes referred to as voice of the customer— is often obtained through market research. However, other simpler and more direct activities, such as social listening, can provide this important strategic insight and represent the voice of the customer. The dual approach of outside-in and inside-out ensures the resulting strategy is compelling, differentiated, credible, and taps into a profound and contemporary need of the category within which the business operates.

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