Case Studies

From Metrics to Meaning…

Developing a brand metrics system for a global aerospace company


Following an extensive master brand repositioning effort, a multinational aerospace and defense company was seeking to develop and implement a comprehensive system of brand metrics to measure and manage progress toward its new brand positioning. Specifically, its goal was to define a set of brand perception metrics across multiple and diverse constituencies including customers, employees, opinion leaders, global business executives, and industry and financial analysts. In addition to the actual metrics dashboard and scorecard, the company was seeking to establish a turnkey system that would enable it to measure, track, and appropriately course-correct branding efforts as circumstances warranted.


The project team, led by a current FullSurge partner in a previous role, worked closely with leaders from across the company’s business units to understand the types of information needs they had relative to brand metrics, and how they would ideally like to use brand metrics to inform business decision-making. Five non-competitive companies that were viewed as “best in class” in terms of brand metrics were interviewed to understand what they were doing well, with an eye toward how these principles could be applied to the client’s situation. Based on these collective findings, a set of brand perception and performance metrics and a corresponding metrics dashboard were developed. In addition, a plan for ongoing tracking was recommended, including the types of research to conduct, specific research vehicles, and frequency/timing of research depending on the type of metric and the intended audience. Finally, ingoing baseline measurements for key perception metrics, competitive benchmarks with which to compare performance were established, along with Year 1 and long-term target goals for each type of metric.


Upon project completion, the company immediately implemented the new tracking system and metrics dashboard across all business units. Over the years, it has continually improved and evolved both the dashboard and the tracking system, but the core foundation of what we created for them remains in place today. When asked what it values most about the metrics system, the client cites its ability to be both diagnostic and prescriptive—it not only tells you “what,” but it also guides you on “what to do.”


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