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Architecting a value proposition and go-to-market strategy for a B2B company


A leading global provider of commercial cleaning products had made numerous acquisitions over a 10-year period. The myriad businesses had significantly different value propositions, and in some cases, even the same business in different geographies was going to market with vastly different value propositions. Given its aggressive M&A activity, and the disparate nature of businesses, the company was seeking to align its business units around a single corporate value proposition. The solution they were seeking had to be customer-driven, address a complex brand portfolio, and account for its customers’ increasing demand for a superior product and service offerings.


A global quantitative research study and the development of an attitudinally-based customer segmentation framework was the starting point for the engagement, which was led by a current FullSurge partner in a previous role. The research findings and subsequent segmentation framework uncovered several target customer segments for whom the company was seen as credible, differentiated, and relevant. The common thread uniting these segments was their desire to establish a more formal business partnership with a select set of providers. Specifically, they were seeking to strategically align with their chosen vendors and to rely on them for information and advice that went well beyond the mere products and services they supplied. In return, they were willing to pay more for the solutions they purchased and to not relentlessly negotiate on price. Given the size of the client, its infrastructure, and its vast business and geographic footprint, it was ideally suited to serve these target segments. Following target selection, a comprehensive value proposition was developed based on the attitudes and benefits that resonated most with these target customers. Finally, discrete choice modeling helped define a streamlined brand portfolio, one which was better aligned with the new value proposition. Collectively, this body of work resulted in a single value proposition and go-to-market strategy for the company across all its business units and geographies.


The company refined its capabilities to deliver a value proposition that is unique to the industry and relevant with its target customers. As a result, its North America and European marketing efforts are now aligned under a single corporate value proposition.


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