Case Studies

Launching a New Medical Device Consumable

Creating a new strategic product brand for a global medical device company 


One of the largest and most respected medical device companies had been selling a supplier’s need-free IV connector as part of a suite of its products to large healthcare systems. After several years of this practice, the company decided to begin manufacturing its connector to ensure supply across the globe, control product quality, and increase wallet-share revenues with long-standing hospital customers. While the business case for bringing manufacturing of this product in-house was undeniable, challenges in executing on this new direction were substantial:
  • The supplier's product brand was considered best-in-class / displacing it with a new, unproven product would not be easy
  • The reputation of the company’s brand had been weakened in recent years due to quality issues
  • Several competitive brands that existed in the market were considered very good
  • Different product attributes were important in different regions around the world
  • Time to market was short, as the company would begin selling the new product soon
  • No customer research could be done due to the confidential nature of the product


Due to the limited time, the FullSurge team moved into high gear immediately, quickly establishing hypotheses for positioning of the new product, as well as identifying likely territories for naming and eventual creative direction. After only a few internal interviews, we determined the product most needed to convey its quality and points of parity with other leading offers in the category vs. forcing too much differentiation too early. This “quality parity” strategy was refined through additional internal interviews across key regions around the world, where we were able to identify both overarching benefits relevant to all regions, as well as country-specific nuances that would be required for messaging.

We devised a brand architecture to determine the optimal distance between the product brand and the corporation while leveraging core brand assets, like the corporation’s distinctive color system. The positioning and architecture became the strategic foundation for creative development, led by FullSurge, in the form of name and logo development, as well as a look and feel system that distinguished it from competitors while expressing a sophisticated, professional, and confidence-building identity.


Senior management embraced the final strategy and creative work while complimenting FullSurge on being easy to work with and able to move quickly while providing the very strategic and thoughtful outputs required to successfully launch the new product in the next quarter.

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