Our Expertise

Individually and collectively, we bring “left brain” and “right brain” thinking to every client engagement. This “whole brain” capability is different from other brand and marketing strategy consultancies where individuals tend to be more specialized in their abilities and areas of expertise. Our partners’ ability to toggle effectively between different capabilities—often simultaneously—means more holistic, thoughtful, and impactful end deliverables for our clients. Collectively, we have honed our skills in the following areas:

Critical Thinking

Above all capabilities we possess, our ability to critically think through very strategic problems and solutions is the hallmark of our firm. Our partners have the dexterity to employ deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning techniques to construct strong and defensible arguments that help our clients make optimal business decisions. We call this expertise the “art and science of argumentation,” or an ability to reason systematically to prove or disprove an idea, action, or hypothesis in order to draw conclusions and drive business impact.

Research, Analytics & Assessment

Because of our extensive experience in conducting all forms of qualitative and quantitative research, we have developed a skill for applying the right research and analytical methodologies to achieve very specific business/brand objectives. We fully construct and manage entire research efforts, while outsourcing the “mechanics” of research if, and when, required. For qualitative research, in particular, we prefer to conduct interviews ourselves to ensure the utmost in quality and true insight generation. Regardless of methodology, we pride ourselves on extracting insights from the data, and clarifying implications of those insights on the business issues at hand.

Idea Generation

While good ideas can come from anywhere, we believe it is essential to structure purposeful exercises that generate ideas that are both on-strategy and commercially and operationally viable. We employ a multitude of techniques to develop ideas, which are then culled down through criteria-driven processes. We have found the key to success lies in the conception and application of the techniques themselves. Pulling the right people together, placing them in the right setting, and having them think about and respond to the right things can garner great outputs if thoughtfully constructed from the beginning.

Leadership Alignment

Through years of working with leadership teams across often-contentious issues, like repositioning a corporate brand, re-architecting a brand portfolio, or making difficult tradeoff decisions, we have learned how to effectively facilitate executives to align on strategic directions. An acute listening skill and ability to understand real concerns equip us with a certain “executive-level EQ” that has proven instrumental in ensuring adoption and positive feelings around path-forward initiatives.


Telling the story of the brand requires a blend of strategic and creative skills. Without a deep understanding of the strategy that underlays the brand, it can be difficult to convey those aspects that are most important within a context that sets the right tone. Conversely, without an ability to narrate in compelling and logical ways, the message of the brand and its strategy can be rather flat and convoluted, leaving individuals uninspired, or worse, unclear. We have developed capabilities to communicate brand stories in ways that are strategic, interesting, and easily consumed.