FullSurge in the Press

Tailored to Win

By Mitch Duckler
As featured in AMA blog Elevate

b63f6a41b423b085771981a4283ab62a-american-marketing-association-signals-transformation-with-launch-of-new-brand-identity-ama_lockup1_black.jpg  Pizza Hut recently added 10 new crust flavors, specialty recipes, new toppings, new drizzles, and new sauces to its menu to offer customers a pizza that can be customized 2 billion different ways, built exactly to their liking. When it comes to selling a consumer on a product or service, brand appeal and emotion play the starring roles. One way for brands to add value to the customer experience is through offering customization, which facilitates the consumer’s transition from passively interacting with a brand to being an active participant in the final product or service that he or she receives...

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