Outgrowing the kids’ brand

After 34 years of providing mental health services to Georgians, CHRIS KIDS had grown to have a robust portfolio of 14 services supporting people in Georgia from 0 to 60+ years of age. Accordingly, the name “CHRIS KIDS” no longer reflected the array of services or client population of the non-profit. Current brand awareness was ok, and perceptions of “CHRIS” were strong among supporters, but “KIDS” needed to evolve. Further, the tagline “Unlocking Potential” was a neutral element – lacking both distinction and emotion. Given these findings, CHRIS decided a complete rebrand was required to catch up with where the organization had grown and was going. FullSurge was brought in to lead the non-profit through the rebranding process.

A relentless commitment to change

FullSurge commenced the project by leading a brand workshop with 25 members of CHRIS KIDS’ board of directors. The goal of the workshop was twofold: 1) to understand the board’s perspectives and opinions on what made the non-profit so special and successful and 2) to start building consensus for the subsequent brand positioning recommendations we would be making. From the workshop, we identified CHRIS’s relentless commitment to creating exponential outcomes and impact by interrupting and eradicating the cycle of poverty, abuse, and neglect in youth, families, and communities. The bottom line, CHRIS helped people completely turn around their lives. With the board’s approval on the new brand story, we could begin the development of the new name, tagline and visual identity to help communicate CHRIS’ powerful story narrative.

Bottom line, CHRIS helped people completely turn around their lives.
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All grown up at 19 and counting

FullSurge formally presented the new name, tagline, and logo to CHRIS’ board which were fully embraced. In appreciation for our efforts, FullSurge was honored before 350 patrons at CHRIS’ annual fundraising gala. Since the launch of CHRIS 180, the non-profit has seen donations increase 25% and have expanded their services to 19. They have also seen a significant increase in their grant funding. 

"I want to thank you for the incredible job you and your team did on guiding our rebranding. I know that it was like herding cats. I was most impressed with your ability to galvanize multiple constituencies around a new name that was somewhat unorthodox an unexpected yet was strategically spot on.  You were able to navigate the process in a way that respected diverse and strongly held views of many.  Your efforts resulted in a new name and a consistent brand “look” that has helped propel the organization to a new level.  You put your heart and soul into the work you did for us and I can honestly say we would not be where we are today without her help and guidance on creating the CHRIS 180 brand.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

— Kathy Colbenson
President & Chief Executive Officer, CHRIS 180

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