Chasing after the cool kids

Faced with increasing competition from highly differentiated and evocative brands such as SquareMouth and World Nomads, MMOB International Travel Insurance needed to take the brand to the next level. Specifically, it needed to clearly define what the brand stood for by articulating its positioning and value proposition to both of its key market segments—the B2B domestic travel broker market and the B2C global travelers' segment. Once the positioning was established, it needed a highly memorable new name to break through the global marketplace clutter it. A tagline was needed to ground the new name, quickly establishing marketplace relevance and seeding it in the minds of its audience. Lastly, it needed a unique brand identity, including a new logo, that would visually communicate the new brand positioning and establish the brand’s overall visual system.

Creating an undoubtedly certain and absolutely confident travel brand

As with many brands playing “catch-up,” leadership was unsure of its competitive advantage and offered conflicting points-of-view on what made the company special. Through our brand vision workshop with the senior management team, we helped them find focus by evaluating the crowded travel insurance market, aggregators and e-commerce sites that were offering price-based insurance to create a clear expression of who they were and how they would stand apart. Simply put, the organization exists to provide “undoubtedly certain and absolutely confident” international travel insurance. Now we needed a name that was not only legally protectable globally but also one that would signify the shift from the burden of needing travel insurance to the benefit of the actual travel.

The association with Zen – and being truly enlightened – communicated the company’s travel representatives were extremely knowledgeable and experienced. The calm and confidence that comes with this level of knowledge supported the brand positioning and takes the conversation to the trip, specifically that it will be a Zen-like experience. We then created the visual identity following the same visual Zen cues with a calming yet eye-grabbing color palate.  


Leadership was unsure of its competitive advantage and offered conflicting points-of-view on what made the company special.
New Logo Zentripy 1@2x
Signage Zentripy 2
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Posters Zentripy 4
Explosive growth and expanded employees

Within six months of launching the new Zentripy brand, sales increased over 150%. Since then, Zentripy has experienced double-digit growth annually and has expanded its employee base five-fold.

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