Playing Catch-up to Remain Relevant

After 20 years of roll-ups, mergers and acquisitions, SHL—a global talent management firm—found themselves independent again. Unfortunately, they were left with a stale and uninspired brand. Their products were no longer seen as innovative, and start-ups were flooding the market with shiny, yet unproven offerings, while promising faster and cheaper results. SHL needed a new brand positioning that would enable it to once again dominate the market.

Revealing SHL’s unique competitive advantage

FullSurge began by looking where all great brands start: the core-inspiring idea that had once made them market leaders. Through a combination of in-depth one-on-one employee and customer interviews, we sought to find out what made SHL truly unique and identify the key competitive advantages we could leverage going forward. We also looked outside-in to understand where the talent category was going and how we could best influence the debate in our favor.

Despite their 40-year history for consistently delivering proven, science-based talent data, SHL had become distracted by newer entrants focusing on the delivery of the assessment rather than the benefit of the data. Our “ah-ha” moment came when we uncovered SHL had the largest talent assessment database, including a 24-terabyte warehouse of historical talent data. use for call-out We positioned SHL around this vast assessment database and the subsequent insights and answers the data could provide in helping their client’s drive meaningful organizational change. This positioning also enabled SHL to de-position the competition as one-trick ponies who were only providing assessments that were limited to simply informing singular hiring decisions.

To relaunch the brand and bring the new positioning to life, we created a visual identity and tagline to communicate the brand was once again independent, had evolved and positioned to regain its leadership position. We created a modern and benefit-oriented brand based upon the fluidity and interconnectedness of data, talent and innovation in driving competitive advantage.

Our “ah-ha” moment came when we uncovered SHL had the largest talent assessment database, including a 24-terabyte warehouse of historical talent data.
Before SHL 1@2x
After SHL 2@2x
Signage SHL 3
Custom Imagery SHL 4@2x
Event Signage SHL 5
Stationary SHL 6
Stationary SHL 7
Website Design SHL 8
Generating a 150% increase in website leads

The new brand was launched in April 2017 and has already generated a significant return on investment. Feedback has been very favorable, including comments that the new brand has improved overall customer perceptions and the company’s industry relevance.

The rebrand contributed to these results:

  • Renewed interest from previous clients wanting to do business again
  • Elevated sales conversations with current customers and targeted higher levels within organizations
  • Lessened pricing pressures
  • Experienced 50% traffic increase and 150% lead-generation increase attributed to website redesign
  • Decreased SHL’s employee turnover by 7%

Ready for your brand to be truly indispensable? We’re here to help you build one the world can’t live without.