Brand strategy should always be developed from an “outside-in perspective.” Simply stated, this means ensuring the “voice of the customer” is understood and represented in all strategic decision-making. More often than not, this requires conducting market research among target customers and other important stakeholders. 

In service of our brand strategy work, FullSurge employs multiple forms of qualitative and quantitative market research. Depending on the issue set we’re addressing, we use market research to achieve different objectives. For example, our research may be exploratory in nature, such as fielding a segmentation study to better understand how customers “cluster” in terms of needs, attitudes, or behaviors. Conversely, we may use market research for validation purposes—for example, to determine which of several positioning strategies is ideal.

Regardless of the desired objective and the methodology selected, FullSurge has the ability to design, execute, analyze and interpret market research studies. Importantly, they are always in service of informing our brand strategy recommendations.

Research & Insights


Questions Addressed
  • How do customers segment in terms of attitudes, needs and behaviors?
  • Which of several potential value propositions represents the optimal strategic direction?
  • Where do customers see potential white space (unmet needs) within the marketplace?
Typical Challenges
  • The target market is highly niche, elusive and/or difficult to reach/recruit
  • Multiple methodologies could potentially work, and it’s difficult to know which one is best
  • Qualitative and quantitative research results lead to different (conflicting) solutions
Ensuring Success
  • It is important to understand “burden of proof” before selecting a research methodology
  • Market research should always serve as an “aid to judgment”—not the final answer
  • Quality and integrity in process and approach need to be maintained through entire process

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