The assertion that differentiation is important is one of the oldest and most basic tenets of successful branding. However, it remains a critical gap and imperative that has been often over-looked as of late in pursuit of other brand-related goals and objectives. The Indispensable Brand will take a step back and talk about the important role brand strategy plays in establishing and maintaining differentiation. After all it is brand strategy that should help shape activation activities that are today often being executed without a solid basis for uniqueness and differentiation.

After reading The Indispensable Brand and successfully implementing the strategies and tactics outlined in it, brand and marketing executives will be able to reap the business benefits of more meaningfully differentiated brands, including premium pricing, superior revenue growth, increased market share, greater levels of customer loyalty, and improved profit margins.

Here's just a sampling of what readers will learn about:

  • Why brands are often indistinguishable, including how we got here and where we go next
  • How brand positioning needs to evolve in order to be more relevant and effective in a digital era
  • Why crafting a compelling brand experience requires more than merely optimizing customer touchpoints
  • How to unleash the intrinsic power of brands to help them drive more meaningful, transformational growth
  • Why thinking beyond the latest and greatest in the world of bots and clicks is more crucial than ever
  • Why brand measurement needs to be forward-thinking and prescriptive rather than merely diagnostic