3 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence to Help Your Brand Grow

Posted by Mitch Duckler on December 05, 2018


Over the past few decades, branding has evolved to so much more than just a logo, a color palette, or a successful advertising campaign. Today, Bottom of Formbranding is built on every interaction between a customer and a business, both in-person and online. These interactions put brands that are striving for more tech-driven interactions actions in a unique position, opening up many more opportunities to create a perception with audiences, whether positive or negative.

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Topics: Brand Strategy, Customer Experience, Brand Growth

How to Overcome Dying Brand Loyalty and Win Loyal Customers

Posted by Mitch Duckler on September 10, 2018

Customer expectations are rising rapidly; today’s abundance of consumer options and avenues enables buyers to shop effortlessly based on price, quality, speed, and overall customer experience.

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Topics: Brand Strategy, Customer Experience, Brand Growth, Brand Image

Transportation Domination: Uber’s Brand Growth Strategy

Posted by Mitch Duckler on July 31, 2018

Ride-hailing business, Uber recently announced a deal with San Francisco-based scooter-rental company, Lime. Lime enables people to hire scooters, electric bikes, and pedal cycles in 46 cities. The agreement means Uber users will be able to rent Lime's scooters via the car-sharing company's app.

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Topics: Brand Growth, Brand Extension Strategy, Brand Strategy Consulting, Brand Differentiation

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