3 Brand Experience Campaigns to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Posted by Mitch Duckler on November 04, 2019

The world is growing increasingly complex and fast-paced. Technological advancements enable more and more brands to get the basics right. Copying is becoming increasingly easy as the sameness of more products and services makes differentiation more difficult. In the age of the customer, brand leaders have a steep hill to climb in building their brands with distracted, empowered consumers. Fortunately, brand-inspired customer experiences can help mitigate these effects. In this new era, brand marketers must shift from a company-centric approach of managing brand as an asset to a customer-obsessed one of creating a resonant brand experience. 

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Topics: Brand Storytelling, Brand Differentiation, Brand Experience

5 Compelling Reasons Every Brand Should Invest in Storytelling

Posted by Mitch Duckler on January 09, 2019

Because TV spots and other forms of traditional advertising are no longer the primary medium to reach consumers, marketers are being challenged to craft a bigger story. In the past, a commercial could easily provide a 20 to 45-second narrative. Today, you need to showcase a cohesive brand personality, across multiple forms of social media, in ads, and on your website.

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Topics: Brand Positioning, Brand Storytelling, Brand Strategy Consulting, Brand Differentiation

Building Brand Trust Through Authenticity on Social Media

Posted by Mitch Duckler on August 16, 2018

From our earliest days, stories have transcended generations, delighted and engaged us through emotions, and connected us to others. Stories are the common ground that enables us to communicate, overcoming our insecurities and our differences.

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Topics: Brand Strategy, Brand Image, Brand Storytelling, Brand Strategy Consulting

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