Why Brand Transparency Should Be a Top Priority for Your Organization

Posted by Mitch Duckler on March 01, 2019

Consumers today are more informed, empowered, and engaged than ever thanks to new digital business models that have spun the customer-brand relationship on its head. Customers who purchase your brand’s products and services no longer sit back and allow television advertisements to influence their decisions. Instead, they are actively researching your company and choosing to connect with the brands they resonate with.

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Topics: Brand Strategy, Customer Experience, Brand Voice

Here’s Why Your Brand Voice Matters

Posted by Mitch Duckler on January 30, 2019

If your brand doesn’t have a consistent, cohesive voice, your customers are probably confused. To consumers, most products (or professional services) look pretty much the same and making the decision to purchase often comes down to price. Having a clear, recognized brand voice differentiates your organization from competitors. When there is a sea of “me too” options, a well-developed tone of voice makes you memorable and ensures you don’t get lost in the crowd. Differentiation is a requirement for ensuring that your audience finds you and a differentiated brand voice makes you the preferred choice that gets more business. 

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Topics: Brand Strategy, Brand Strategy Consulting, Brand Differentiation, Brand Voice

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