Overview: What Is Brand Naming and Messaging?

A memorable naming and messaging strategy is one of the most powerful and immediate ways to connect with your target audience. By developing messaging that is strategically integrated with your value proposition and overall marketing efforts—as well as introducing strategic naming systems across your portfolio—we help you fine-tune your brand for growth.

Brand Naming: Memorable Names for an Integrated COMMUNICATIONS Strategy

Why do some brand names cut through the clutter to viscerally connect with a target market while others simply go unnoticed and become irrelevant? The answer lies in how words or word parts are used to tell a story, through both thought and emotion, to deliver a differentiated idea in a new and unexpected way.

We perfectly blend science and art to create strategically relevant and memorable brand names. The names we develop transcend borders, languages, and cultures, are legally protectable, and most importantly communicate the brand’s unique positioning—its story. Through custom naming systems, we organize and communicate complete portfolios of products and services to make customer choice clear and easy.

Brand Messaging: COMMUNICATING A Value Propositions to Set Your Brand Apart

Brand messaging refers to the underlying value proposition conveyed—and language used—in
communicating content. Once a strategic positioning or value proposition has been identified, it needs to be expressed in a way that is both consistent with the brand essence and compelling to the target audience. It enables buyers to relate to the brand by inspiring them, persuading them, and ultimately making them want to buy a product or service.

Like other forms of communications—visual or verbal—brand messaging is part strategy, part creative. In developing strategic messaging, we use a variety of frameworks, including brand story, messaging hierarchies, and communication briefs, to ensure the transition from strategy to creative is seamless and the essence of the brand positioning is not lost. From there, we can either create market-ready brand copy or hand it off to an agency with the tools it needs to develop copy.




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Questions Addressed
  • Is the offering’s positioning fully thought-through and well-articulated?
  • Are product and marketing teams strategically aligned?
  • Is the current naming approach and/or system limiting or no longer relevant?
Typical Challenges
  • Strategic intent is often sacrificed in favor of creative or “catchy” execution
  • The team creating messages/copy is not up-to-speed on the brand positioning
  • Messaging needs to be executed consistently across all touchpoints—including digital
Ensuring Success
  • Ensure there is agency and team continuity in the transition from strategy to messaging
  • Use strategic frameworks and templates that help establish consistency across contexts
  • Avoid groupthink and diluting brand messages to the “lowest common denominator”

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