Why do some brand names cut through the clutter to viscerally connect with a target market while others simply go unnoticed and become irrelevant? The answer lies in how words or word parts are used to tell a story, through both thought and emotion, to deliver a differentiated idea in a new and unexpected way.  

We perfectly blend science and art to create strategically relevant and memorable brand names. The names we develop transcend borders, languages, and cultures, are legally protectable, and most importantly communicate the brand’s unique positioning – its story. Through naming systems, we organize and communicate complete portfolios of products and services to make customer choice clear and easy.

Brand Naming

Questions Addressed
  • Is the offering’s positioning fully thought-through and well-articulated?
  • Are product and marketing teams strategically aligned?
  • Is the current naming approach and/or system limiting or no longer relevant?
Typical Challenges
  • The visual identity needs to be extended to include all digital touchpoints
  • The creative team has not been following the style guide and creative consistency has been compromised
  • The visual identity needs to go beyond the logo to ensure all visual elements reflect the brand ethos
Ensuring Success
  • Differentiated: The brand name is unique, memorable and can break through the clutter
  • Proprietary: The brand name can be protected in the relevant trademark classes
  • Relevant: The brand name is appropriate for its audiences and distribution channels

What's Next?

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