Defining a customer experience consistent with the brand promise

Hyatt Place is one of two brands within the Hyatt Hotels Corporation portfolio that competes within the select-service segment of the lodging industry. As the name implies, select-service properties offer limited degrees of services and amenities compared to full-service hotels. This category represents the fastest growing sector in the industry, comprising an estimated 90 percent of total hotel projects under construction.

Hyatt Place had already staked out a meaningful point of difference and brand positioning, and it was looking to use this as inspiration and guidance for defining the customer experience. Specifically, it wanted to ensure the guest experience was truly brand-inspired, and not crafted according to best practices and industry standards (which may or may not be true to the essence of the brand). Finally, the Hyatt Place team wanted us to codify key aspects of its brand experience by developing a formal General Manager Brand Training Program for its global network of hotel GMs.

Dimensionalizing signature touchpoints

FullSurge worked closely with the Hyatt Place brand team to fully understand the attitudes, needs, and expectations of the target consumer and overarching brand positioning. We then identified a finite set of make-or-break brand experience touchpoints that we believe formed the basis for the overall guest experience. These included: arrival, guest room, social spaces, events, drinking and dining, activities and services, and departure. For each of these seven 'signature touchpoints,' we clearly articulated the ideal state and the requirements for consistently delivering the Hyatt Place brand promise.

Once the signature touchpoints and their associated requirements were agreed-upon, we developed a comprehensive training program to onboard current and future Hyatt Place general managers. This included developing the content for a two-day, in-person training program, which included background material on the history of Hyatt Place, the role of brand in delivering an exceptional guest experience, instructional videos, and interactive group exercises. We conducted several “pilot” sessions with general managers to test the effectiveness of the content and the overall program design. Following each pilot session, we modified the program’s content accordingly to reflect the learning—and to advance our thinking—until the curriculum was eventually finalized.

For each of these seven 'signature touchpoints' we clearly articulated the ideal state and the requirements for consistently delivering the Hyatt Place brand promise.
Launching a successful pilot program

The brand experience training program was enthusiastically adopted by the Hyatt Place team. In the months that followed, it began to roll-out the program to General Managers at marquee properties throughout the world. In addition, the FullSurge team subsequently conducted the equivalent engagement for the company’s other select-service brand—Hyatt House.

What I appreciate most about FullSurge is that they listen. They offer great expertise and business solutions, of course, but first and foremost they take the time to truly understand what your needs are and how they can approach it in a way that makes sense for the client. For me, that’s the most important step that is often missed by others. I highly recommend the team at FullSurge.

– Steven Dominguez
Vice President, Global Brands

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