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AMA 2016 Annual Conference
Mitch Duckler
Conference Co-chair
October 5-7, Orlando FL

ISBM Big Talk 2016
Michael Million
Workshop Facilitator
October 5-6, Georgetown University

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FullSurge is a brand strategy and marketing consulting firm that drives business growth 

When managed as strategic assets, brands have the power to create new categories, motivate customers to act, and deliver heightened value to companies in the form of near-tem revenue and long-term growth potential.

Impactful brand strategy consulting requires extensive experience, a strong strategic (vs. purely creative) orientation, and an ability to apply the right balance of rigor, pragmatism, and inspiration to solve complex business issues. It also requires a deep understanding of business strategy, and its connection to brand strategy.

We are different from typical branding agencies. We are a small, focused team of seasoned brand consultants who have helped a multitude of companies—across myriad industries—grow through highly strategic engagements.

Our pragmatic approach aligns with our clients’ business goals while considering the organizational realities that pose challenges to all companies. Our brand strategists tailor every engagement to client-specific situations and infuse fresh perspectives to solve near-term problems and set a path to sustain long-term growth.