Make Personalization a Priority for Meaningful Brand Experiences

Posted by Mitch Duckler
Prioritizing Personalization for Brand Experience

In an era of technology-enabled mass customization, a lack of personalization is one of the biggest reasons for lackluster customer experience. Today, delivering a meaningful brand experience includes seamless one-to-one personalization with a comprehensive cross-channel platform, an individual profile for each user, acting on real-time data, eliminating IT reliance, and providing accurate attribution breakdown.

Tailoring your messages to specific target audiences, and optimizing them across all devices, allows you to create an effective cross-channel marketing strategy.

A single cross-channel platform

Complete cross-channel personalization is best achieved with a single platform. When you piece together multiple technology solutions, you are often unable to leverage all of your data and deliver true one-to-one experiences.  It is far more efficient to address all of your personalization needs with one single platform that enables personalization across channels. When researching technology, consider your potential future needs and find a solution that will grow with you — rather than hold you back.

A single profile for every user

In today’s multi-channel world, getting cross-channel personalization right is worth the effort; it’s virtually impossible to deliver a unique and meaningful brand experience to an individual if you have five different profiles spread across five different systems for that individual. In the digital world, successful personalization requires that all of your in-depth behavioral data from across channels be captured, synchronized, and brought together into a single profile for each visitor, customer, and account.

The ability to act on real-time data

With personalization, “real-time” refers to the actual moment that someone is interacting with a digital property. Providing a personalized experience in real-time means delivering it the actual moment a person is interacting with your brand, regardless of the channel. All aspects of every visitor’s complete history must be combined with everything he or she is doing in the moment, and everything you’ve learned from all relevant sources, to deliver a personalized experience — in a matter of milliseconds.

The ability to manage the platform without relying on IT

You’ve probably experienced the frustration of relying on other teams (with their own priorities) in your organization to accomplish your marketing goals. With something as important as the customer experience, you don’t want to always count on others. So, what can you do?

A best-of-breed personalization platform enables you to launch, measure, and adjust personalization efforts quickly and easily on your own, without intervention. But the platform must be comprehensive enough to address all of your complex multi-tactic, cross-channel demands.

Robust and accurate attribution analysis

Testing, analytics, and attribution analysis are vital components of any personalization effort. Without testing, you do not know if your campaigns are successful or if there is anything you can do to improve your approach. You need testing and attribution analysis to iterate rapidly and ensure your experiences and algorithms deliver the best results possible.

When selecting a personalization solution, make sure that you will have the ability to compare the results of every campaign against a control and that the solution utilizes sound statistical science for accurate and defensible attribution analysis.

As a brand strategy consulting firm, we specialize in helping clients deliver orchestrated cross-channel experiences that translate to higher engagement, helping you to thrill and reward your audiences with more meaningful experiences that are consistent across channels, devices, and geographies. Customers that experience a connected, consistent journey with your brand become stronger loyalists and louder advocates because you gain trust and fulfill the expectation that your experiences will continue to delight.

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