Reigniting relevance with a TV network’s audience

The Peachtree TV viewer had evolved significantly skewing younger and more ethnic. Specifically, the network was doing better in the 18-49 age range and African American viewers were comprising over 50%. The current multi-dimensional audience closely represented how the face of metro Atlanta had changed over the years. But while the audience had evolved the brand had not. This was evidenced by a recent drop in ratings. As Atlanta’s independent entertainment network, Peachtree TV had the unique opportunity to position the brand in direct alignment with the Atlanta market. To accomplish this, the Peachtree brand had to evolve as the audience had – to become both diverse and inclusive. The network had to identify, embrace and become the voice of the spirit common to this unique audience. The network needed a new positioning and tagline to drive awareness, establish relevance and ultimately increase viewership. FullSurge was brought in to help with the repositioning and tagline.

Illuminating the network’s unique “fun” programming

FullSurge commenced the project by meeting with Peachtree TV network executives to understand the networks’ programming strategy going forward. Peachtree TV had conducted significant primary and secondary research which we analyzed to better understand where the brand could go to deliver upon the programming strategy. Our key learnings included Peachtree TV’s strong viewership association with fun, laughter, and entertainment. We recommended centering the new positioning less on demographics and programming genres and more on attitudinal drivers and benefits.

We ultimately helped reposition Peachtree TV as the network for Atlanta viewers who want to have fun, laugh and be entertained. We recommended playing up fun programmings like Family Feud, Family Guy, Atlanta Braves baseball games and nightly popular movies. Once the new positioning was in place, we created a new tagline to help launch the redefined brand and communicate it to the Atlanta market.

We recommended centering the new positioning less on demographics and programming genres and more on attitudinal drivers and benefits.

Turn Here For Fun On-Screen Logo Peachtree Turn Here for Fun
A tagline that continues to pay off

 The new tagline was launched in 2007 and is still being used by Peachtree TV today across multiple viewing platforms. Both viewership and advertising revenue have consistently grown since the launch of the new tagline. Turner has been one of our oldest clients and we continue to work across the Turner network of brands.

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