Why Now May Be the Best Time to Rebrand

Posted by Carolyn Crafts
Why Now May Be the Best Time to Rebrand | FullSurge

In its most real sense, your brand is not a logo or a catchy tagline—and they certainly aren’t what makes your brand valuable. Instead, a company’s brand is a promise of value made to its customers. It reflects the experience your customers can expect to have with your business. A good brand effectively communicates what your company does and how it does it while establishing trust and credibility. It can help build trust and elevate your business to something more than a product or service.

In a previous post, Rebranding: Start the New Year with a New Brand, we discussed one of the key benefits of rebranding—to show the world the evolution of your brand. The following is an excerpt from the post.

Show the World Your Evolution

Throughout your company’s lifecycle, you’ve undoubtedly had to change, improve, and evolve to keep pace with a rapidly changing marketplace. Technological advances may mean your business operates very differently than when it initially launched. So, while you may be thriving internally and your customers are happy, if you still have the same old logo, tired brand colors, and old fonts and outdated imagery, to the outside world, your brand looks like it’s been left behind.

Often, the best way for your external brand image to reflect your leading-edge internal processes is through a rebrand. Rebranding is more than just modernizing your logo or choosing a new font or color palette. When executed at the right time and via a thoughtful, inclusive process, it is an opportunity to honor a company’s foundations, while positioning it for the future—a declaration of what’s to come.

Asking customers what they want and expect from your business ensures that your rebranding efforts align with their expectations and experiences, rather than a generic crisis response tool. In the end, a brand is first and foremost a reflection of the relationship between customers and the company.    

Even the most flourishing brands change over time, especially in times of crisis. This is why knowing how to rebrand successfully is critical. Now, during a global pandemic, may be the best time for your business to rebrand proactively.

Why Should I Rebrand Now?

During a global crisis, brand leaders need to communicate with customers effectively and genuinely if they expect to experience long-term gains. There is a perception that ‘we are all in this together,’ so why not listen to your customers and ask for feedback? This can be a crucial step in determining whether a rebrand is necessary. 

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt industries, businesses large and small have discovered a rebrand is needed. Rebranding can be chancy, customers may not like it, and you may the lose brand recognition you worked so hard to build. However, a change also incites a brand image reassessment and, therefore, a change in public perception. This is why businesses in disrupted industries have used the pandemic as a chance to redefine their purpose. By investigating how your company can be of use in the current climate, you may find new avenues of opportunity. Therefore, a proactive rebrand can help your business navigate uncharted waters. 

Our team of talented branding experts can help you build your brand with a strong sense of purpose, confidence, and a positive image that will attract your ideal customers and inspire loyalty for your business.

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