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Mitch Duckler

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Why Getting Emotional with Customers Differentiates Your B2B Brand

In today's crowded and commoditized business landscape, B2B marketers are becoming more customer-centric and ramping up their branding efforts. A brand-building imperative has always been to create an emotional connection with consumers. However, focusing on business value to differentiate their brands assumes customers make purely rational decisions. Is this assumption correct? Does emotion actually play a role?

3 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence to Help Your Brand Grow


Over the past few decades, branding has evolved to so much more than just a logo, a color palette, or a successful advertising campaign. Today, Bottom of Formbranding is built on every interaction between a customer and a business, both in-person and online. These interactions put brands that are striving for more tech-driven interactions actions in a unique position, opening up many more opportunities to create a perception with audiences, whether positive or negative.

How to Grow Your Brand with Meaningful Differentiation

Does your brand have a point of difference that gives it an edge over the competition? Great brand strategy is grounded in clearly articulating your differentiation against competitors. Successful brands continually accentuate these differentiators to their customers and prospects.