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Don’t Put the Social Media Cart Before Your Brand Strategy Horse

Recent CMO Survey results indicate that the top use of social media by companies is for brand awareness and brand building. Building a successful social media strategy starts with gaining a better understanding of overall branding. Having a strong foundation in branding will point your social media activities in the right direction for the business.

How Brands are Using Artificial Intelligence in Customer Segmentation


With another year of rapid advances, artificial intelligence (AI) was the marketing technology buzzword in 2017. And in 2018, AI and machine learning have become even more accessible to brands. AI will pave the way for marketers to laser focus on target market segments and reach customers, while attracting new prospects and leads, with highly-personalized messaging delivered at the optimal time for conversion.

How to Overcome Dying Brand Loyalty and Win Loyal Customers

Customer expectations are rising rapidly; today’s abundance of consumer options and avenues enables buyers to shop effortlessly based on price, quality, speed, and overall customer experience.