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A Modern Approach to Identifying Your Target Market

A strong brand should be a top priority for all organizations striving for success, and brand positioning is the one surefire way to build a strong brand. As a brand strategy consultant, clients often begin by asking me the question, “So how do I choose the right position for my brand?”

The Future Is Already Here: AI and Machine Learning

The term “artificial intelligence” undoubtedly evokes daunting images of robots replacing humans. In reality, however, the most successful use of AI is when machine-learning automation is combined with human directive to engage with customers more effectively.

Broken Promises:  When Brands Don’t Deliver What They Promise

A brand exists in its most elementary form, to provide a solution to a problem that exists in the marketplace. In agreeing to provide the solution, it is promising to make good on that agreement—offering a solution is a commitment to deliver a brand promise.