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Can Coach Transform into a Global Lifestyle Brand?

More and more, lifestyle branding is the Holy Grail for many brands. The strategy of moving beyond product and services to own a larger share of customers’ minds—and wallets— is proving to be an excellent defense against the markets’ volatility and consumers’ changing needs. But staying ahead of our many changing needs is not easy, and the strategies brands are adopting demand increasing amounts of foresight and originality.

Time for Time Inc. to Rebrand or Reposition, or Both?

Time Inc. could be soon known by another name. The 94-year old iconic New York City-based media giant is looking to rebrand to show its marketing and business partners how it has become a “multi-platform consumer media company.” 

Can Harley-Davidson and Ducati Live Happily Ever After?

Rumor has it that American iconic motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson might be looking to court Italian rival Ducati in the not-so-distant future. The potential $1.67 billion deal would bring together two of the most famous brands in motorcycling.