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What Is Brand Positioning and Why Is It So Important?

Brand positioning represents the actual foundation of brand strategy. According to Philip Kotler, known as the “Father of Modern Marketing,” brand positioning is “the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market.” Brand positioning is often defined as the promise a brand makes to its key stakeholders that informs every aspect of brand development, including:

In Support of Diversified Target Audiences

In the last post, A Modern Approach to Identifying Your Target Market, I discussed that the first component considered when establishing a brand positioning should be the target audience—the “who,” (e.g., stakeholders) the brand is intended to serve. While the target audience remains an essential part of the brand positioning model, it needs to be considered more expansively. Traditional considerations of target audiences often fall prey to two potential shortcomings:

A Modern Approach to Identifying Your Target Market

A strong brand should be a top priority for all organizations striving for success, and brand positioning is the one surefire way to build a strong brand. As a brand strategy consultant, clients often begin by asking me the question, “So how do I choose the right position for my brand?”