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The intention of building a strong brand is to give a company a strategic and competitve edge over others. A company must be able to stay focused and establish a strong identity that connects with its customers. Understanding the needs of the customers and providing what they want builds loyalty, which in turn can greatly improve long-term business performance.

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Brand Architecture

Frameworks and methodology to develop brand architecture.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

Learn the factors which lead to a great customer experience for your brand.

Building a Brand Driven Consulting Firm

Guiding principles for building a strong brand for your consulting firm. 

Successfully Extending Your Brand

Learn the strategic frameworks to properly extend your brand. 

Identifying Growth Platforms Through Brand-Driven Innovation

Innovation is far more than merely the new products and services that result from it.

Best Practices in Brand Portfolio Strategy

Powerful brands create significant economic value throughout the entire organization. 

Framing Alternative Brand Architecture Scenarios

The "Branded House" vs. "House of Brand" Spectrum.

Strategic Naming for Merged Healthcare Companies

Naming the new "Master Brand." 

A Long-Term Brand Building Roadmap

The processes and frameworks to maintain a strong brand. 

Branding in the Digital Age

Learn how to create a strong, one on one connection with customers online.