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Case Study: How Market Research Can Win Over New Clients

By Mitch Duckler
As featured in SurveyMonkey blog 

SurveyMonkey-logo_stacked.pngAs a boutique strategic consulting company, our team occasionally needs to validate that the brand positioning strategies and marketing services we provide to our clients deliver the consistent and reliable business growth rates we promise.

Fortunately, there are affordable new alternatives to traditional market research that allow us to do so. Cloud-based, self-directed survey tools are now available that are both sophisticated and easy to use. In fact, we recently used SurveyMonkey Audience to design, field, analyze, and interpret a research study that gave us exactly the insights we were looking for—at a fraction of the price and time we expected.

You can read our full case study, "How Market Research Can Win Over New Clients," on the SurveyMonkey blog.