FullSurge in the Press

Are Your Brands Daring Greatly?

By Mitch Duckler
As featured in Brand Quarterly

BQ-Brandmark-Tag-grey.pngMany of us grew up being told 'failure is not an option.' But when you look around, while the rest of the world recoils at failure, technology's dynamic innovators enshrine it as a rite of passage en route to success. It is probably Silicon Valley's most striking mantra: "Fail fast, fail often." It is recited at technology conferences, pinned to company walls, dropped in conversations. Failure is not only invoked, but also celebrated in Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurs give speeches detailing their failures. Employees share their failed start-up stories in job interviews without hesitation. So when Cadillac launched its new 'Dare Greatly' campaign at the start of the year, it focused on daring to try and not being afraid to fail. It felt timely...

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