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Tutorial: Optimizing the Customer Experience

By Michael Million
As featured at AMA 2014 Annual Conference

b63f6a41b423b085771981a4283ab62a-american-marketing-association-signals-transformation-with-launch-of-new-brand-identity-ama_lockup1_black.jpg  The dawning of the Internet opened the world’s eyes to the importance of the “user experience,” thus spawning a new field with significant influence on how organizations deliver value and interact with stakeholders of all types. Likewise, the importance of brand positioning at corporate and product levels at both B2C and B2C companies has increased to the point that it is essential to every business.

In this tutorial, FullSurge partner Michael Million explores the intersection of brand and customer experience to identify patterns in the marketplace, principles of success, and practices you can use to improve your customers’ experiences to ultimately drive desired behaviors that positively affect your business.

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