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Engineering a Voice to Reflect Your Brand

In 1962, TV viewers were first introduced to an animated sitcom about a futuristic world of flying cars, cities in the sky, and space tourism. It was The Jetsons: adoring couple George and Jane, their kids Judy and Elroy, Astro their dog, and housekeeper Rosie the robot.

Revisit Your Brand Architecture to Optimize Your Portfolio


Consumers seek strong brands that share their values and aspirations; therefore, brands need to stand for something. Inconsistent brands and messages fail to make a lasting impression because it is difficult for customers to understand what these brands represent. On the other hand, when a brand is both consistent and relevant to customers, it builds recognition, credibility, trust, and ultimately loyalty.

What’s Your Brand REALLY Made Of?

Not surprisingly, in an age where consumers are more concerned about what’s in products and how they're made than ever before, demand for product transparency is real and it is on the rise. Brands that meet this demand—providing complete disclosure—are best positioned to gain consumers’ favor and a greater share of their wallet.